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Yes, I said MILFS plural! After my last rant about some of the shittier younger Russian cam models, I decided to turn my attention towards the more mature crowd, or as many call me on a regular basis; MILF! With that in mind, I went and checked out some of the premium MILF Porn sites out there as well as some cams that specialize in more seasoned performers. Allow me to back track a second and say I found some very cool sites and some, well let’s just say you might have a crush on your grandma if… Shit, I’m sounding like one of those Blue Collar Comedy Tour performersย now!

Seriously, I couldn’t believe a couple of these sites and the crowd they cater too. It’s scary and somewhat cool to know that grandma still likes a good stiff cock in her pussy well into her seventies! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Never really thought about it but, I wonder when most women get their last fuck? Hell, for that matter wonder when I will get my last fuck? Knowing me and how much I love to cum, will probably masturbate until my very last breath! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Some of the more premium porn sites are laughable while others produced some uber cool content with some of the hottest MILFS out there! I don’t know but, I’m kind of digging this porn starย Erica Lauren MILF. She’s got something about her that makes me wanna be like her when I grow up. I did a little more searching and found out though she can be a real freak too! Erin does it all, including gang bangs! Way outta my league on that one, or twelve! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Too each their own I always say and I’m sure she is paid very well for her “acting!”

I did notice that Erica performs on cam from time to time as well. Believe me, I sometimes think about getting back into the business and joining the others hot and still sexy MILFS out there but, now that I have a “real job,” it makes me a little leery. As mentioned before, I am using my blog as more of rant (against the models ripping off their customer) coupled with legitimate professional knowledge of the webcam biz in general. One of my absolute favorite saying is there is really no right way to do it, just a lot of wrong ways! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, I think I’m going to dig into some more of Erica Lauren and other MILFS in the adult business. I opened another browser while writing this update and discovered she performs super hot lesbian (love it) MILF scenes and takes it up the ass too! OK, I will admit to kinda liking that too. Only sometimes when I’m with the right partner and very (and I mean very) relaxed! Hey, us MILFS can be full of surprises!

Thanks to everyone that reads my site and especially those who bookmark too!


Busty Girl


ps. Kiss me where it’s dark! ^ ๐Ÿ˜‰


Best Cam Site

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Best Cam Site

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Ok, now I’m pissed! See when I was “camming” on the Best Cam Site, I always tried and make every guy (and gal) feel special. I earn the respect (from an exceptional and real performance) and then I earn some repeat business. . . aka MONEY! Now, these stupid Russian bitches (on several sites) are really pissing me off with their cam style. . . or lack thereof! Seriously!

I’m telling you, it really pisses me off when these chicks promise all these “private show” perks and then sit there and send stupid ass private messages (“pm’s”) basically stalling to run up your tab and deplete your balance and/or token count. Then if you are lucky (not really) they start to gyrate and make stupid ass “Ooh and Aww” noises while you endure “Second and Third World” shitty cam quality. I even had one that refuse to strip naked for me as she “didn’t do that!” WTF? Well, then Get the Fuck Off Chaturbate you stupid Russian CUNT!You shouldn’t be allowed to perform on the Best Cam Site!

On the flip side, I am very pleased at seeing some of the fine ladies from South America, Colombia in particular that are more than willing to spread the pink, finger and dildo their hot pussies and give everyone a legitimate show! I’ve also been impressed with some Romanian women as well as the UK and of course the good ole’ USA. Think about it ladies, would you rather work for some second rate outfit, or the Best Cam Site?

I visit several cam sites and pay porn sites regularly to check out the hot babes and sometimes even masturbate myself to orgasm. Does it seem odd that I actually enjoy masturbating to women but, not so much men? I guess its because I can get fresh young cock ANYTIME I need it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Never thought about it but, I could probably do well in getting some fresh young pussy to enjoy some serious “muffin buffin” and licking with me too!

While I’m on this well deserved rant, another thing I cannot stand is these Bullshit “Free” Tube Sites that basically steal content and spread it around the web. Who the fuck wants to watch shitty quality clips anyway? How the fuck are we supposed to get hot and fresh sexy babes if everyone steals and stops paying for porn? I’m thinking I’ve got plenty of new material to write for the next few months or so. I’m sorry I cannot update every week but, this “Busty Girl” needs to make ends meet and “muffin buffin” doesn’t pay my bills any longer!

Well, enough rant. . . until next update that is! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m going to”let it all hang out” and give my honest and unbiased viewpoint about all these cam sites on the web. Models Beware; if you’re a shitty model and person just in it for the money, I’m calling your ass out! I might even come out of retirement and show you how its done on the Best Cam Site! Don’t say I didn’t warn you (especially you lame ass Russian chicks) bitches. . . Pow!

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