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Busty Webcam Live Cams
So, which Live Cams are the BEST of the BEST? Well, I have had many years of performing and have seen some great companies and some shady ones too! ;-( Obviously, many performers get into the business strictly for the money. With that said, many fall for false hope and empty promises of immediate riches. Now, don’t get me wrong, greed on the performers part plays a role as well!

Over the next few updates, we will look into the pro and cons of several cam networks. First, let’s start with a relative newcomer to the scene; Chaturbate. WTF, is Chaturbate? Simply put it’s “The Act of Masturbating While Chatting Online!”

OK, I admit it; I like Latin women, especially Hot Colombian women! 😉 If you concur and share my “Lust for Latina’s,” then Chaturbate should definitely give you your money’s worth! The only negative I can say about this site is that is is Highly Addictive! Last count, I have 69 favorite performers saved in “My Collection.”

If you are a performer or considering performing, click on this link to sign up and start earning some cash via tokens. Don’t forget to check out their Contest Detail page and grab some of that Bonus Cash too! 😉 By now, you are probably asking what makes Chaturbate so special?

  • Be YOUR own boss!
  • Set your own schedule, make YOUR rules
  • Work from the convenience of your home or anywhere in the world with high speed internet
  • True Community Environment; Connect to thousands of active members and broadcasters
  • Control who can see your profile and cam feeds. You set the sexual act(s) limits and rules
  • In Chaturbate’s first year, they have paid out over U.S. $6 million to webcam models!

All in All, it’s difficult to find anything not to like about Chaturbate. In fact, I think I’m going to log on now, get out my favorite dildo and spend some tokens myself! 😉 See everyone next update!


“Busty Girl”

Free Live Busty Webcam


Practice Makes Perfect

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Get Started Sexy Webcam Model
Many readers might question; “What Do Companies/Camsites Look For” when it comes (or cums) to webcam modeling?  The simple answer is that every cam site out in cyberspace wants real performers who are passionate about promoting their “assets!” Undoubtedly, most models enter the business strictly for financial reasons.  Sure, the cam business can be lucrative but, who wants to see some fake bitch just “going through the motions?”  No legit customer that I have ever seen!
The best cam models are the ones who are truly comfortable in “their own skin. . .”  Literally!  One must possess both “inner and external confidence” for any customer to part with their hard earned cash.  We have heard many times, “Am I attractive enough for the business?  Just think about it, how many body types and cultures exist throughout the world?  There are many different definitions for “Whose Hot and Whose Not?”  There is someone for EVERYBODY!  For example, look at all the successful BBWGay and Tranny Sites out there. What about anime?
Come on, surely you can hold your own with a cartoon! Remember, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!”
If you’re still not sure “You’ve Got What it Takes,” there are a multitude of different ways to ease into the business. Try taking some “selfie” videos of your performance.  Any number of cell phones or personal video camera’s will offer a surprisingly near professional video results. Ask yourself, “Would You Pay To See You?” Please be brutally honest and forthright with your observation(s).  How does your video performance compare to some of the top webcam models on some of the top ranked cam sites?  “Practice Makes Perfect!”
Hone your cam skills until you become a professional “cock-tease.” Your goal is to keep your customer cumming back for more. Once you build a regular customer baseline, your paycheck will start to grow.  Once final piece of advice; treat this as you would any other business.  Done properly, cam site modeling could indeed become your full-time profession. Best of Luck. . .  See You Next Update!


Ready, Set. . . Action!

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Busty Live Cams Sex Action
Becoming on webcam model does not have to be difficult. Granted, “performing” sexual acts and being nude on a webcam might be somewhat daunting. In fact, putting on a show might be quite difficult for the mainstream actor/actress.  However one cannot see their reactions and in the event the person you are doing it for does not have a cam, that can take matters to a whole new level.
In my experience as a webcam model, I have many tips as well as “tricks of the trade” that I am happy to pass on to new performers.  Chalk it up to “key learnings,” I guess.  So let’s avoid the numerous pitfalls and start making some money! The best and easiest advice I can give is “Inspect What You Expect!”  Make sure YOU would want to LOOK at YOU!  It’s NOT all about stripping naked and finger banging yourself or showing your toes!  You must take pride in both your appearance and wardrobe.
Isn’t technology great?  There are many high speed Internet connection options available throughout the world.  On and what about the advancement in camera and video equipment.  Got GoPro or iPad?  These amazing devices are usually not difficult to set up and each company offers stellar tech support.  Plus, your “webcam studio” becomes the world as you are free to travel and setup almost anywhere with suitable internet speed and reliability.

Next, do not overlook lighting.  What is the purpose in being on camera if your paying customers can’t see you? Mind you in some setting the “not too much and not too little” balance is a fine line.  I find that an added table lamp and an overhead ceiling light place to illuminate your face and body functions nicely. I understand some cam girls spend the amount on professional light. The key would be to set up some lighting which allows you to be seen nicely, but is flattering.  Once again, “Inspect What You Expect!” 
Busty Webcam Sex Model Lighting

OK, so you’ve got this “studio” set up that is amazing. You’ve got a killer Internet connection, High Definition camera, as well as your lighting “dialed in.” What else?  Recall the High Definition part of the process? I cannot stress this one enough! Simply because your cam partner (i.e how you make your money) isn’t going to be touching you does not mean you can bypass the “little things,” like keep your pussy and rest of your body properly groomed. Treat each session like you are anticipating a “hot date” night.  Makeup? Now, is the time for a “Mall Makeover” although you don’t have to tell that hot Clinique Consultant about your budding career! 

Essentially, you need to fill multiple roles between wholesome “newcummer” and full fledge a porn star. Porn, or some associated niche, is what is now paying (or subsidizing) your bills. Be it professional or recreational it is still porn. Your customers envision a “fantasy” and its up to YOU to fulfill their wishes, or they will go elsewhere. . . BELIEVE IT!
Sexy Webcam Model Flashing Cash

So, You Wanna Be A. . .

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Busty Webcam Free Live Sex
Webcam Model.  There are many reasons for entering the Sex Industry.  This review will provide an initial checklist to see if your heart, mind and body are really into it!  Are you are confident in your own skin while showing it?  Is it ALL about the money?  Please be honest with yourself.  If you are outgoing, uninhibited, enjoy people and are customer service friendly, you have passed the first test.  “Be Good or Be Good At It,” personifies this industry. Play your cards (and webcam) right and you could possibly be making hundreds if not thousands from webcam modeling!
The World is Your Office
Embrace technology and invest in (at the minimum) a notebook computer coupled with high speed internet.  Now, more than ever it is possible to be a successful a webcam model from pretty much anywhere on the planet.  There have been unconfirmed stories of models traveling the world making more than enough money to fund their Five Star lifestyle.  As a webcam entrepreneur you control your own domain. . .  literally!
Whose the Boss?  You Are!
Hate Micro-Managers?  If you’ve ever had a dead end job or a boss who was a complete jerk, then you now have the opportunity to quite that 9 to 5 grind.  In the words of former country star Johnny Paycheck tell your boss to; “Take this Job and Shove it!” You now control you own destiny; work schedule and income potential.  If you can maintain a well organized schedule and “Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan” attitude, you will never settle for that weekly paycheck.  You are now in control your financial destiny.
It’s Casual Friday. . .  Everyday!
Sitting in traffic jams for hours daily and then checking hundreds of emails daily between conference calls and project deadlines?  No more!  Your new daily commute is waking up at leisure, running errands, possibly shopping, and then deciding what to wear for your next webcam modeling session. . .  all from the comfort of your “humble abode!”
Moonlighting or Full-time?
There are a lot of girls who at first supplement their “normal” employment by webcam modeling part time. However, it is extremely challenging if not impossible to develop a regular fan following only “camming” part time.
One must be brutally honest with their webcam financial expectations as it is not a “Get Rich Quick” money-making scheme. Some webcam models who treat this a a legitimate business can easily (as mentioned earlier) replace their traditional 9 to 5 jobs.  If you put in the time and effort to develop your customer following one can indeed become a webcam star. . .   it is then quite possible to bring in thousands of dollars weekly.
Show Me the Money!
Obviously the main motive for most webcam performers is financial.  As a webcam model your customer base is worldwide 24/7/365!  You have numerous (money making) opportunities to perform for men and women from all over the world.  If you choose another Adult Industry niche such as escort or stripper, your universe becomes much smaller and potentially much more dangerous as well.
Still Think You’ve Got What It Takes?
Not all webcam models are able to fully commit or willingly devote the necessary time and effort to build a steady stream of customer revenue.  However, for the performer that exhibits the proper mentality and work ethic, the sky is the limit financially.  Consider giving webcam modeling a chance and discover who you are as an entertainer/performer.  Keep this thought in mind.  If you are not truly passionate about your new “non-traditional” career, then it is highly doubtful you will be successful.  Try it, have an open mind while you your customer to freely open their wallets!  After all, isn’t this a much better job description than your last job?!

So, it is now in your hands. .  and whatever toy or person you care to perform with on cam.  Please bookmark Busty Webcam and we will see you next update!